The Latest In HIV Medications

medications-257336_640The latest research on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) takes us a step closer to finding a permanent cure for the condition. Not only for HIV, but this cure is also said to help deal with other viral infections such as glandular fever virus that is usually associated with lymphoma, according to a capillary doctor.

Dr. Axel Kallies (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute) and Dr. Di Yu (Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute) have discovered the importance of killer T Cells, which is considered a specific type of white blood cell, to find these infected cells and destroy them. This discovery is said to provide new insights into finding a permanent cure for HIV and other dreaded viral infections. These T cells are naturally found in the patient’s body while he/she is infected with the virus. But the research team is finding a way to boost their numbers so that they can easily destroy the virus in the body. The research revealed that specialized T cells named follicular cytotoxic are able to enter the spots inside the lymphoid tissue where the virus could be hiding during treatments. In fact, the hidden spots are known as B cell follicles. The study revealed that although the HIV virus can hide within the B cell follicles, killer T cells are specialized enough to find these hidden spots and eradicate the virus.

This new discovery will help design effective treatment methods for numerous viral infections affecting humans. This will help develop new medications to treat viral infections, including HIV. The research is going on in this area and further breakthroughs are awaited.

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